Saturday, May 12. 2012

Et jet net jeknuschelt...

Friday, February 3. 2012

...ma holen en nëi Steck Droht!


Monday, September 19. 2011

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Arduino as a remote shutter release for RICOH cameras

Thursday, December 30. 2010

Some time ago I bought a RICOH GR III camera. Since I didn't want to pay the amount for the CA-1 remote, I did a little research how this thing works. Soon I came up with Muttyan's home page. This gives a detailed description of the CA-1's internals and how it works. Good job, there you'll find everything you need!

Basically a button half press, a full press and a release are signaled with three different patterns to the camera via its USB connection. No "real" USB protocol is used, just pulsing the USB +5V supply line. Emulating these pulses is an easy job with an Arduino board, so I did a quick proof of concept.

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Übung macht den Meister

Tuesday, December 7. 2010

Das klappt schon noch!